Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who Needs Windows in Riyadh?

Imagine a residential building, a very tall one, with 200 windows.

An old, rusty building, with windows dark as cavities. While looking at it, notice the surprisingly white window. Focus on it until you realize, what you thought to be a white window is a satellite dish. The satellite dish is completely blocking the window. Zoom out and start noticing that on every other window of that building, there's a satellite instead.

If nobody is honking at you on King Fahad's Street of Riyadh, slow down and count the number of people to whom satellite dishes are neither a luxury nor a virtual reality, but rather--their ONLY ACTUAL WINDOW...

While returning home from work, today, it looked like 40% of the building's residence are turning to their t.v. for air. Gulping, I wondered if this number could be true to the rest of the city.


Jihad said...

With a 40C temperature at midnight, we're much better off without windows. Wouldn't you say?


Umm Ibrahim said...

LOL Jihad! Good point!

Tis the same in Algeria... some of the housing areas look like shanty towns yet EVERYone still seems to have a satellite dish!

NAda said...

with the present technology you can get what ever a window offer from your dish + a good AC ;)

Chris said...

The bloom of satellite dishes is a world-wide phenomenon. For some it represents freedom of choice, for others it represents truth instead of government-filtered information. The fact that the dishes are preferred to other basic necessities may indicate that people in some countries are literally starving for freedom and truth.

When the sacred scripture says, "True guidance is now distinct from error" (Surah 2:256), one would assume that the starving would be somehow satisfied. Clearly, it isn't. When the children do not trust the words and advice of their father, rebellion is just under the surface.

Mrs.Nora said...

I'm asking my dad always the same question

american_bedu said...

I have also noticed all the satellite dishes on the balconies and windows of apartment buildings on King Fahad road and elsewhere in Riyadh! In fact, when I was in Maida'n Salah earlier this spring, even the smallest of mud homes sported a satellite dish! I guess this is indicative of priorities.

Aafke said...

I am fascinated by the idea of sattelite dishes replacing/being windows to the world.
The image it raises in my mind is very different from the idea itself which I think is so poetic!

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