Monday, July 21, 2008

Fighting Over the Same Woman!

Need to catch up with all of you. Whilst my settling down in Riyadh-Saudi is happening, please read this if you haven't. A deep inlook at "religiousness" by Ryan Maher in the Washingtonpost.
This template for discussing religion and faith is fundamentally flawed. It presumes that different groups of faithful people approach their religions in the same way football fans approach their favorite teams: I cheer passionately for mine, you cheer passionately for yours, and we all agree to play by the rules and exhibit good sportsmanship. For people of faith, religion isn't like that. A person of Muslim faith and a person of Christian faith engaged in honest conversation about religion are not like two fans pulling for their respective teams. They are more like two men in love with the same woman, each trying to express, safeguard and be faithful to his relationship with his beloved. Love brings with it complexities that football does not.


Broke Saudi said...

I've always found that finding God/religon is very similar to romantic relationships. I even hinted at the that in my latest post.

Aysha said...

I will definatly go check it out! Such compare/contrast never crossed my mind until now--I find a lot of truth to it, furthermore, things to conclude!

!n$@n!tY said...

"The bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man." A telegram sent to Vienna in 1897 by two rabbis who visited Palestine to see how it accommodate a Jewish state i.e beginning of the Zionist movement.

No relation whatsover to your article, just found it interesting how we can all sometimes have the same idea in our heads. Cheers.