Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quirking in the Open

I have been tagged by Saudi Jeans & Hning.

My rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers’ blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

My 6 Quirks:
1. I cry over passing matters. When I do, I prefer to be in the hiding. Crying is like a secret to me. If you are not mom, dad or hubby, snooping into such an intimate secret will only endanger our relationship. So, if it’s cloudy, run away with all the love in your heart. * If I’m not crying, that means it is NOT passing and VERY VERY deep. The “uncried over” issues are what grant me my long-term decisions and the strength to achieve them. They are who I am today.
2. More than life itself, I value individuality. Whether you call it, advice, wisdom, judgments, emotional pressuring, preaching, it all means one thing to me: you think me an extension to your established righteous self. Under pretenses of love, you dismiss my mind & soul while turning me into your arm or a leg. Another part of your body. Whatever others may see you as; to me you are a slaughterer and I will protect myself from you accordingly.
3. I always wanted to be an actress and will always wish it. I tried to convince myself I won’t do, that I am stiffening up with the years and it will soon be too late, but it isn’t working. To some extent, I feel that most social encounters are professional acting done where “reality” ought to exist, that’s why I can pose boldly on stage and on camera-feeling that I am acting and honest about it!
4. Milestones such as marriage, child bearing, graduation, birthdays, moving out, etc-I am very strict about going through them with as less people as possible. Sharing an event that changes my life with a lot of people makes it as similar as drinking lots o' booze and fuzzing out the picture. When I cross the bridge I like to observe carefuly where it starts and ends, to explore my own feelings and fears and to connect particularly with the person(s) who are going through it with me.
5. I’m a frequent WC visitor. My tank fills up quickly.
6. I am earthy and sensual. That’s why I can tell you all the stories about how much you mean to me, but if you see me fidgeting around you and maintaining a physical distance, that means you are not in my comfort zone yet.


Murtadha said...

:) i truly like you all of ur Quirks
i think u did a great job explaining ur self through writing's language ! :)
sometimes i feel like,,, whenever i try to explain my self more,,i become more anonymous !

frogman said...

i loved number 5... it was so out of place and so out of character.. (well the blogger character that we have come to know). you are usually very articulate and every word has a hidden meaning that is explained and explored later on..

however number 5 was just.. plain and simple quirky.. :)

Aysha said...

Actually Murtadha, I think you are exellent in portraying who you are through many indirect ways such as your silence, your observations, the comments you make about others..all of that!

Frogman, gotta agree with you that 5 is a favorite ;) If it were up to me, I would speak like this as much as possible :P

ممارس صحي said...


I enjoy reading your Six quirks. The very brave one!.. no. 5 :) I am very much the same! the problem is when I travel by car You can imagine my suffering looking for a clean WC :)or at least good for human-use!
Nowadays I don't drink anything while long driving .. just in case.

Hning said...

Referring to point 4:
How wrong have I been when I thought that that the milestones I have gone through alone were indicators of how unaccepted I am in the society. Graduation, marriage, life...Completely forgetting how a painfully private person I've always been, and that it has become an (unconscious?) social decision to be as secluded as possible from the world. Even my closest kin.

I am thankful for the reminder, that the aparent selfishness in maintaining privacy is merely a cautionary step to uphold full attentiveness; when the picture is fuzzy and the senses are externally distracted, it becomes difficult to feel the Lord's presence, when His instruction and blessing are most needed.

Thank God your quirky!!

Aysha said...

ممارس صحي،
Yes, I can imagine! Read in your blog that you're a big fan for long-distance traveling. Can't blame ya, at least not yet. It seems that long trips get us into a momentum through which we rise above the recurring friction and think-almost in a state of slumber- with our subconscious flowing through.

Now there's of course other complications related to not drinking on long trips ;) Should've wrote that as quirk 7, after having a baby I developed a constipation phobia!

Aysha said...

Hning, now! Do you really expect me to comment. Ah, you masterful writers making it harder for us folks :P

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