Friday, May 30, 2008

I Have Committed My First!

Yep, it’s true. My first feature film screenplay is up and running on InkTip. If you are a producer/director/entertainment person, who is interested in a film about a single Saudi girl hitting rock bottom in the States, please check my “Untwisted” out. The logline goes “A Saudi student in the States has a month to pay off a huge debt, but can she do it legally?”

The screenplay is my thesis, with the defense scheduled for June 6th,
Diana Abu-Jaber (English, Writing) as head, Charles Deemer (English, Writing) and Karin Magaldi (Theater Arts) as members.

At first, I dreaded the idea of defense. However, after a student reading at
Black Fish Gallery in the Pearl District May 27th I viewed thesis defensing under a much positive light. Interacting with an audience which have spent considerable amount of time reading, understanding, analyzing and dissecting your work is not a bad idea!

Reading (fiction) to a group, on the other hand, merely allows for communicating a fragment of an intricate piece to an audience that attended out of politeness and good heart. Such audience can only smile at you while you read, chuckle on occasions and complement you with a pat as you exit. Reading nights have the ability to make you feel weird, because while they offer the immediacy of communication, they compensate the quality of it.

It is true as well, that I’m gaining a departure momentum with our dearest Toyota Avalon sold on the morning of June 27th, preceded by a month notice to the lease office. I am fragmented, horrified, happy, ecstatic, confused and everything else. But I know for certain that righ now I wish for nothing but to return to Saudi Arabia and WORK BABY WORK!

On a personal note, thanx
Murtadha for being my Saudi audience, documenting the event! Frogman, Trev, Ahmed, Arwa, Nouf Al-Wadi, Ayman Allam and Hadeel for being first to read and critique.


Hning said...

I would have recommended my brother..but I wouldn't put my hopes too high...Being a 20yrs-old-testerone-boosted-male-Saudi would make it even less likely to be impressed by feminine psychology..He's working on something right now, so maybe next time?
PS: Just between the two of us, Ms. Kusayer, I think that your screenplay is mindboggling and I'd make it into a movie any given day. XXOOXX

Marahm said...

If you ever make your screenplay available to the general public, let me know! I hope all goes well with your defense. I know how important it is and how big a job it can be. I spent nearly a year working with a friend on her PhD thesis. When she completed her defense, I couldn't help feeling a vicarious sense of relief.

Aysha said...

Hning, where would I get your brother's first production? I remember reading about it, but is it out yet?
*maaaaaaan, I'll have to be nice to you for a while :P

Aysha said...

I hope your recovery is going well. To be honest, my thesis isn't as hard as other people's due to it being a work of fiction. For a first screenplay, I am keeping my hopes at a moderate level. Firsts, I think, hardly make a winner. The best advise prf had in his book is to start writing the "next" shortly after the first is sent out so as to keep occupied with the process rather than where it lands-and so disappointment wouldn not influence or hault the writing.

Solace said...

Congrats on your film!!! How exciting it must be!

Aysha said...

Thank you so mucl Solace! Glad to have you here :)

Marahm said...

Thank you, Aysha, I am doing better than I expected with my hand.

The advice about starting the next project is good. You don't want to get calcified in the glory of the first accomplishment, though the feeling of it is so wonderful! You don't know when it will get accepted, so to start a new one is wise. Who knows? Maybe your first will be such a success, people will be asking for a second, so be prepared!

Trevelyana said...

Congrats darling, I personally enjoyed reading it