Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Saudi Alchemist!

He is as close as I've gotten to an Alchemist. Murtadha Almtawaah, a Saudi Portlander, on a journey for the light. Please go ahead and read the latest of his posts, a culture discussion with US highschool students, tackling issues such as sectarianism, women, homosexuality, which the students were brave enough to ask, and he was thoughtful enough to answer on the spot as well as reflect on long after he had left them.

"People don't hate because they are evil. people don't even love because they are angel! they do all that because something are forcing or motivating them to do so (...) This blog is my life journey in finding my self again and you are more than welcome be part of it" M.M.


Muneeb Saeed said...

his whole blog is very interesting
thanx for sharing

Aysha said...

Thank YOU for taking the time to read Muneeb!