Monday, April 28, 2008

Racing: A Way to Heal

With so much frustration build up lately, I found in this post a nice way to "take it out"; TypeRacer.

Roll up your sleeves, shut out the world, and type the minutes away. Isn't it wonderful to conquer (something) in life? What's your best? Someone's got 215 w/m. Mine was 76, but I ain't stopping until I reach 100.

An elderly in law just died upon return from treatment in the US. She was in a coma. I was TypeRacing while it happened-still am. You should be too. *Hushhh.

Type on...


frogman said...

ok aysha, this can go in one of two ways.. either my supervisor hears the keyboard from across the building and assumes i am playing or working really really hard... i'm blaming you either way lol

my best score was 60 and i think 100 is out of the question.

Marahm said...

I am sorry for the loss of your in-law. The loss of an elderly person usually occurs in the normal order of things, but feels sad nonetheless. Sometimes, I think, the loss of an elderly person is particularly sad because of all the wisdom, activities, and love that will no longer be generated and shared with survivors. The memories, of course, will be more numerous, and perhaps, therein lies a blessing.

As for TypeRacer, I tried it, and couldn't even finish because it wouldn't let me fix the typos. Maybe I was going too fast to figure out how to fix the typos, but I didn't last long. I couldn't type at all if I couldn't fix a typo every third or fourth word!

Saudi in US said...

My condolence Aysha.

My typing skills are so bad, I won't even attempt this one. I will just stick with solitaire to relieve stress.

frogman said...

aysha i'm so sorry, wallah the first time i read the post i must have been too focused on the typeracer part that i didn't catch on to the fact that you lost someone. Allay yir7amha inshallah wi yid5ilha al janna min awsa3 abwabaha.

again my apologies and most sincere condolences..

Aysha said...

frogman, Good score! Actually your first response was better :P It truly brought a smile, because I could totaly imagine the smoke coming out of your keyboard :D

Thank you Marahm and Saudi in US for your warm thoughts. Like Marahm said, despite the sad factor to death in elderlies, they at least give us signs for it so we go through long process of preparation.

Marahm, you are right about how frustrating it is, being unable to move on in the race until you fix typos. MS Word gets us used to leaving the kinks behind and fix later. My main problem was my eyes skipping ahead while I type, so I start to type things that are not here yet!

Saudi in US, at least give us a number. Pleaaase :D

Saudi in US said...


You talked me into it.

Tortoise-man did 26 wpm and that is really trying hard. I can actually type faster than that, but I am not used to looking at a screen or paper to type. Everything I type usually comes directly from my thoughts to the keyboard. So it was kinda awkward just to make that adjustment.

Aysha said...

Saudi in US, that's actually pretty good start-considering the env't of the game, and like you said, the method through which the lines are dictated. I've become a bad spiller thanx to the help of spill checkers, so I often leave words underlined so I'd fix them later. This created a problem for me in the race. The better a spiller you are, the faster you can pin your lines.
*think about it this way: if you survived life thus far without having to look at papers and copy-cat them like a *****, then you probably have a creative, non-mechanical, job :D

Aysha said...

I have a feeling you're being humble and not showing off your number. Since the time you mentioned that advnaced course thingy/activity which allows for typing in silence-I sort o' got curious :D
Do tell, do tell!

Aysha said...

Come ON, you get to 60 and still question the possibility of achieving a 100. Let's put it this way, if you race often enough, you'll have all the quotes (and they are limited) memorized, and vuala!
* enjoying the "talking people into things" magic :P

frogman said...

ok i got 70... but hands hurt now lol so i'll stop for today but will try again tomorrow...

damn you competitiveness lol