Sunday, April 13, 2008

Honking at da Ladies!

While walking my toddler to school, yesterday, a car honked at us. It was tailing us at a slow speed, which wasn’t suspicious at first because we were in a residential area. At the second honking I looked over my shoulder to check the car out. It caught up with us, and the guy in the passenger seat who was in his late twenties looked up, “Hey, can I come over to your place sometime?”

Usually, I use such comments to my advantage. Meaning, think to myself “Surely I must look hot today.” And that would give me wings for hours to come! However, at that particular incident I made a mental check of myself: I just woke up, my hair was tied back in the cruelest manner and my pants and jacket baggy and worn out. I haven’t applied any eyeliner and my lips were plain.

I looked down at my toddler who did not quit on the “oh, what’s dat?” since the first honking, and arrived at this conclusion: I do not look hot today, but I look like a single mom who might be too desperate that she wouldn’t resist such a generous offer from two street jerks!

I maintained a calm smile and resumed singing “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed” with E. But the monkeys had increased by then. They were making such chaos in my thoughts that every single incident in which I’ve been honked at in Portland sprang before my eyes. I clearly visualized the different streets, times, comments, and individuals who made them. I flashed back and forth between Portland and Riyadh, and I concluded again how men and women function on a political system independent of their geographical location, which made the honkers of "conservative" Riyadh not any different from honkers of "liberal" Portland.


insomniac said...

boys will be boys.

Aysha said...

But girls are more theatrical, so they can always be lots of things :P

Hning said...

Basking in your own dose of narcissism, dear? Lovely, isn't it, to age so well and still be admired for it.

Aysha said...

"Hush hning, hush!" (A basket lands on hning's head-which happens to be Aysha's-who happens to be looking both way one eye larger than the other.) "If you ever wanted to tell me the truth, make sure no one's listening!" :P

Muneeb Saeed said...

Yup Boys will be boys..

n get ready for some (shameful) rudeness like w/ post it notes w/ cell nos on em

Lawrence of Arabia said...


i think the lesson here is that men are pigs no matter where they are from.

Aysha said...

Muneeb Saeed,
I sort'a expect it in Saudi, because I've seen it while growing up. I always thought it to be country specific because of all the restrictions/seperation between men and women. What surprised me is finding out it IS everywhere in the world, no matter what the rules are.

Aysha said...

Lawrence of Arabia,
Don't pigs come in females too? :D

Lawrence of Arabia said...

i in no way meant that as a vindication of all things female...but i am guessing you haven't been followed down the street, cat-called, honked at, groped or been the subject of rude and sexually aggressive comments from many women. ;)