Sunday, March 30, 2008

Husband & Wife Turned off the Lights!

Yep, we turned 'em off for not so common a reason this time:P Earth Hour: March 29th. 8-9. Actually, 8:30-9 because we completely forgot until Google Search turned black saying they turned theirs off, now it's our turn. Any updates out there. Who did, who didn't?

It was so cozy inside our little apartment. M, E, and I avoided looking each other at first because this was new, and interesting and-okay because we felt shy! Little E. kept saying "oh, no, oh, no, wha-hapen?" Then three of us tiptoed to the balcony and peeked through the glass, wondering if our neighbourhood went off too. Disconnected as we may have looked, we felt the presence of the entire west coast in our living room!


Broke Saudi said...

I loved how you described it. Being in the dark really does feel like you're disconnected, but in a pleasant way. I totally forgot about turning off the lights, I think I was out.

Jaywan said...

yeaa we did it too.. it was nice.. actually I was out the whole day.. n was uber tired..
when i reached home.. my sis called me n said that they are having a BBQ during the Earth Hour .><. So I said lets do it why noT!! Uh
it was really nice.. n during the whole hour i was repeatedly sayin how Israeliz can use this occasion to switch off the electricity in Gaza "-_-" n celebrate < how evil I can be@.@
however.. I was wearing my Kofaya n celebrating the Palestinian Land day 2..

Aysha said...

Broke Saudi, glad to have you. I was trying to figure which type of "out" you meant, but in both cases being out is good for the env't don't you think? :D

That must've been fun! BBQ in the dark, with all the flickering and the smell..ah! Now I'm jealous.

frogman said...

i love the dark, it has a certain serenity to it, specially when you aren't in bed, when you are actually sitting or standing up trying to go about your normal routine. we had a black out a few days ago. mrs.froggy was terrified and was stuck to my side like a 3 year old in a horror house... its was cute, and i wasn't complaining :)

to answer your question no we didn't turn anything off.. in the middle east we are kind of disconnected from all these humane acts.. its sad really

Motahry said...

i turned the light off and start contemplating the light of my candle :))

Aysha said...

Just skimmed through both your blogs. You have such warmth and care in your perception of life and others around you (even when you're upset!) Congrat's may I say?
As for the Middle East, you are right. The funny thing, however, is that I got my first invitation(s) to join earth hour from Arab groups. Thanx to FB, earth hour had an event page, so it was easy for people to invite one another without geographical boundaries.

Wow, congrats on starting your blog. I look forward to reading more of your reflections and writing. You have so much of a poet and a philosopher in you.
As for contemplating the candle, what a pregnant symbol! Glad to have you here.