Monday, March 10, 2008

Face Collectors

Stamp collectors, coin collectors, bug collectors, so why not face collectors too? Its only natural to want to collect humans. But Mr/Ms/Mrs face collector, next time you decide to add someone to your 500+ faces, please remeber to send them a message of self introduction. That's the thing about humans, they're complicated!


amani-أماني said...

Hola Aysha...salam.

I don't know if do u visit my blog or not but plz check out the current post
اهديته لمجموعه من الصديقات والمدونات وانت واحده منهن

So, i hope u like ..both la música
and he paintings.

B.t.w i couldn't agree more on this:

'That's the thing about humans, they're complicated!'

yeah, tell me about it :)

Hasta luego Aysha.

amani-أماني said...

ooppz!! i meant to say 'the' paintings not 'he' paintings..sorry, about that.

amani-أماني said...

Since u didn\'t comment on my comments..then..umm..i am only guessing that u did check my post out. If u did then..thank you! If the whole idea of
was weird..then i am sorry.


في معظم الاحيان الصمت لا يقول الكثير

sorry, for the spamming that i did here..won\'t do it again...promise.


i found one more typo in my first reply above..i said :
\'i couldn\'t agree more on this\'

didn\'t type \'with u\'

Aysha said...

Hola Amani,

Wonderful job on your blog, and thank you for putting my name there ;)

amani-أماني said...


thanx 4 letting me know that u checked the post out :)

as for.. me doing a \'wonderful\' job in my blog.. well, i don\'t think so. Generally speaking, my blog sucks, i know...but then
who cares? I know i don\'t :)

Marahm said...

How about blog collectors? I would have to confess that I have fallen into this category since I discovered the blogosphere a month ago. I try to post a comment wherever I find something of interest, and I find so much! If I keep finding and finding (and I fear I will), soon my "Blogroll" will expand to the length of the entire page. I have become a "face" collector of sorts!

Aysha said...

Hi Marahm,
But that's a bit different. When you add someone to Facebook, you're asking to gain access to their "personal" area which is not acessable to the public, you are in other words asking to add the person and not just their product/writing. FB requests require permission from the other party.
Adding a blog to your roll, on the other hand, is a kind gesture from your behalf. It increases a blog's publicity. You are not required to acquire permission to add a blog. Adding a blog does not mean (a probably) access to another blogger's email, personal info, pics, friend list, or other intimate details.
I am a strong supporter of your sort'a collecting :D