Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Bike Disease

“Alas, a Saudi guy on a bike!” Hubby exclaimed today. While crossing Broadway, we ran into a jolly Saudi who was cycling on a bike that seemed taken out of a caricature. As he zipped by us, all we could hear were crickety, crockety, clickety, clockety, sounds.

Not only did a Saudi guy go for a bike, he went for a very cheap bike, and that was a sight to celebrate.

The sky was foggy, the streets guilty with the usual rain, but the image of that guy brightened my vision. I wish I had a camera on me. I wish I could run after the guy to tell him how proud I am.

He might have chosen a cheap bike solely for financial reasons, but I don’t care. I care that he is literally down to earth and happy about it. That his smile is so contagious. That he is the perfect vehicle for spreading “the bike disease”!


Abu Daoud said...

Did you see this Oregon or in KSA?

Aysha said...

Oregon :)

Cairogal said...

Hey Aysha,

Came across an interesting article about Saudi women recently:

أبو سنان said...

Reminds me about the lady we saw here once at a local university in the Metro DC area.

She was in abaya/niqab, black from head to toe, but riding a bicycle down the street. My wife and I thought it was so funny.

Broke Saudi said...

Is it really all that odd to see a Saudi using a bicycle to commute?

Aysha said...

thanx for the article. it seems to bring an update of bits and pieces that have been goin' around lately.
*keeping my fingers crossed...

Abu Sinan,
boy, that is one heck of a sight! you could've gotten money out of it if you were to document it :D
(21st century mindset)

broke saudi,
great to have you. Well, it was a first timer for hubby and I.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aysha I've met so far 3 Saudi students who are using the bicycle as their mean of transportation -- of course they use the busses too :). And BTW two of them are PhD students and they are TA too :). As for the Saudi with niqab riding a bicycle I'd not find it strange; I've seen Saudi girls veiled and running skiing / skating / hiking etc. (The one I saw hiking was not Saudi BTW :) but covered :)

Aysha said...

That's wonderful to know, anonymous!

Hning said...

*raising a fist*

A fellow female, Saudi, bicyclist.

American Bedu said...

That is wonderful to read! It also reminds me of an experience we had when we had family visiting us in Riyadh from Mecca. We took my sister-in-law and her 12 year old son to the Diplomatic Quarter (DQ) so they could see what it looked like. As we were driving around, a blond woman in biker shorts and tank top zipped by us on a bike. My nephew simply could not believe he saw an uncovered woman riding a bicycle!

Aysha said...

*fist raised too*
long lives hning, long lives hning.

american bedu,
it is a head spinning experience to see such different lives within the same country, let alone the same city. Especially Riyadh, as its strictness and structure makes the openess inside the Diplomatic Quarter especially surprising.
Thank you for dropping by. I blushed :")