Friday, February 22, 2008

Angry Cat

After the Attacked by Cats post, my stats increased by 30%. People are googling “Angry Cat” from all over! I am very curious as to why. Are people strictly concerned about their cats, or is the term associated with other things?


Dotsson said...

I think they are probably cat lovers looking for pictures of angry cats. There are a lot of sights out there dedicated to cats.
is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aysha,

I am a long time reader of your blog and this is the first time I commented. I do enjoy your posts.

Regarding the Angry Cat searched, it could be because of this video which made the news the last few days.


Saud in US

Aysha said...

Kitler!!! I had a blast. Skeptical as I am (sometimes ;) ) I thought, hmmm, is there a cat fetich trend goin' on?

Saud in US,
O' my, O' my, I never felt as sad for a tiger :'( I was watching the video and realizing the amount of harm "fear" does to a crowd. How it transforms them from being a victim to being the attacker, thus carrying on similar violence to that which they feared. In their collective mind, fear leaves them two choices only: kill or be killed...
O' my :'(