Friday, January 25, 2008

Saudi Students in Japan

Just came back from “Saudi Women Event” at PSU, and am still in a patriotic mood :P

So, I checked Youtube, for listings of “Saudi Students”.
To my surprise, I found this video of “Eid Aladha dance event in Japan, 2007”:

Though Saudis, especially while dancing, tend to be on the chaotic, spontaneous side, these students were wonderfully choreographed.

It got me really curious about Saudi students' experience in Japan. How much the nature of such a country is influencing their attitude and organizational skills? How would Japan graduates be different from those of North America?


Aafke said...

LOL! An arab chorus-line! Excellent!
It would be very interesting to see if students going to such very different cultures, would bring different experiences back, and if that would show an effect later on.

Aysha said...

My exact thought aafke...

Mari said...

Saudi girl in Japan here! Let's just say, although they're trying, a lot of the saudis here just aren't coping well with the change in culture. Hopefully, they'll stop hitting on everything that moves.

Aysha said...

Ahoy! We've got a Saudi in Japan. Mari, thank you for finding this post. I would have loved it if you ellaborated a bit. Why aren't they coping, do you think? Language, culture barriers? Are the guys flirting in Japan more than they would in the US, for example? How are you liking the experience as a girl?
My goodness, I am so full of questions!

Mari said...

Every person entering a foreign country faces some sort of difficulty. Culture and language barriers are sometimes difficult to overcome but with enough enthusiasm, it's actually not a long process to become accustomed to living in Japan. I've only been here a little over a year but I'm already at ease, even though I'm a practicing muslim but that could be because I've spent most of my life outside of saudi. But to reply to your question, most of them aren't really trying to fit in or accept Japanese culture and ways. They act as they would on vacation in London or Dubai, flirting and generally acting rowdy and uncouth. I try to avoid them as much as possible although it'd be nice to have friends from my country.
I am really enjoying Japan, and being a girl doesn't really make a difference here although Japanese tend to open up a little more to foreign women than foreign men seeing as foreigners in Japan (I'm in Tokyo) tend to create a terrible stereotype for themselves as loud, irritable people to drink too much and try to pick up women around them.

Aysha said...

I am so honored that you passed by, and gave an overview of your experience in Japan and your analysis of other Saudis in there. I can tell form your comment that you surely have been around, and like you said, this might be why you transitioned to Japan smoother than many others. Unlike American cluture, the Japanese remains mysterious to us for the lack of media sources that connect us to them. Moreover, the language structure as I assume is much harder than English.
I look forward to meeting you in the future as we all head back to Saudi.

Maryam said...

I'm glad there's someone who actually cares about my opinion on things :)
I'm considered a little too young to presume or comment on how people should act or adapt to their environment (still eighteen) but I personally believe that adapting and excelling all depends on one's attitude.
Thank you for listening and I hope that we do meet sometime.