Monday, January 21, 2008

Italy 1945 = "..." 2000

With reference to the following quote from Carlo Levi's “Christ Stopped at Eboli”:

“Every now and then their black eyes darted a curious glance from under their veils in my direction and then darted away again like woodland animals. Because I was not yet used to their dress (a poor sort of costume in no way equal to the famous varieties worn at Pietragalla and Pisticci) they seemed to me all alike, with their faces framed by a veil folded several times and falling over their shoulders.”

* Please fill in the blanks.


Marahm said...

Ciao, Aysha,

I was amazed to read this book and discover that Levi's characters behaved (and believed) just like Saudi Arabs. The Saudi attitudes toward Islamic thought and practice had been lifted and fitted over a Christian framework, in Levi's Southern Italy.

Seems that Arabs have been the most successful conquerors of the culture of Southern Italy.

Aysha said...

Moreover, as I learned (but don't quote me on anything historical-ever :D) the Southern part of Italy wasn't reached by Christianity somehow. The people there weren't baptized. I guess that might've left room for Islamic influences and later Christian adaptations.
I dunno...