Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can You Write With Makeup on?

I am having an outburst of writing energy lately. Poured into a screenplay about a Saudi Girl in the United States. Everyday I wakeup wondering what will happen to her. I keep feeling restless until the time I can sit down and actually find out. When I'm with her, I feel at home. Happy. And Likeable. Its like we have mutual feelings for each other.

My writing process used to follow a certain pattern. For example, I would need an hour until I get a nice flow of thought/writing (if any). I would need the room to be empty, with no one in sight (even if muted). And surely, I would need nothing to be marked on my schedule (even at a remote hour).

This time its different. I open my laptop anytime anywhere and tic-ttic-tic-tic. If something comes up, or my time is up, I simply click the laptop shut. No sadness. No regretts Just the knowing that soon enough I'll continue. I have even been able to do multiple tasks at once!

One thing, however, remains consistent with my usual writing mood. The days when I am most creative, I tend to neglect myself physically. My hair remains uncombed. Eyeliner smeared. Body sugaring behind schedule (you don't want that from a middle Eastern girl, trust me :P) My clothes loose fitted and unmatching. As if negligence matches me to the earth, forcing me to touch it with my own hands.

I don't recall writing creatively with make-up on. Not ever.
And I wonder if other writers feel that way...


Hning said...

I never write when I'm neat and clean and happy.
Depression IS my muse. The best writing is the kind that I do after staying up all night. Or weeks of feeling miserable.

So there.

Dalal said...

Me too , I dont recall writing with make up on
Except for lip stick , which I dont consider make up at all , it's the words un said that are left on my lips.
Im so used to it that it doesnt bother me

Carol said...

I can relate to what you say...most of my moments of inspiration seem to be in the middle of the night when I have awakened and cannot get back to sleep...so I learned to give in to those moments and type away!

Aysha said...

I love it when writers talk about the "backstage"!

Hning, depressed or not, I think you are an excellent writer. Your style is v. compelling.

dalal, again and again you use the little details in a magnificent way. I totally LOVED how you described lipstick. I am an eyeliner person. So eyeliner is not make up for me, but lipstick intimidates me. If I put a strong colored lipstick, I feel that I have to check it out every few minutes and make sure its not smeared on my face, or has stained my teeth. But I sooo love how it looks on people.

Carol, in a "Writing Process & Response" class, where I fell in love with William Stafford, I learned that midnight-early morning is the way that many female writer survived. It was their time stolen away from home and their multiple roles in life...