Sunday, December 23, 2007

Las Vegas, boyboy

Last week, I was at Las Vegas, and got a free ticket for Jubilee’s show at Bally’s. Too bad I didn’t do my research and thus attended the very kind of show that would boil my blood: 80+ girls who are topless and with string bottoms, while 10+ guys are fully clothed.

As hundreds of dark nipples stared at me from the sparkly stage I asked myself if it were a dream or reality that while the lights were on, the audience were mainly couples. There were so many guy girl couples that when the cameraman asked me if I wanted a picture he acted surprised to see me solo.

When the 10+ guys on stage started singing about girls, and how beautiful it is to have hundreds of girls I wondered if anybody had me, the female audience, in mind. I thought of Sopranos as well, where the striptease and gay women scenes would be lengthy, yet when a gay guys scene came on, the camera only caught them hugging. Why of course, who cares to show naked guys to the women audience if it would mean offending the guys?

Why are there no nude guys on Jubilee’s?

For half an hour, I tried to see something. A sign. A hint that tells me that I am cared for as a female audience. I tried to convince myself that all the designer fabrics that keep flying and the sparkly crystals and lights can transform a low class body display to a “classical” show which has been on –as I later learned- since 1981.

When it finally felt like a shoe was shoved down my throat, I could not take it any longer. If no American woman amongst the audience had any dignity or respect for her rights, I have.

Intentionally and slowly I walked across the isle, wondering which is a better case scenario:

1- To dictate women’s right and intentionally violate them?
2- To have women’s rights under development, while men and women’s rights are equally violated?


Lawrence of Arabia said...

the hypocrisy of america towards women and their freedom knows few bounds. we are happy to let women into the work place, own property, make money, as long as they continue to know their real place -- as long as female and feminine, beauty and sexuality continues to be defined by (male) consumption. american women must become largely numb to it by themselves learning to adopt the same deformed standpoint which men possess when they view someone as female.

good for you for walking out.

best wishes,

Abu Daoud said...

Salaam ya Aysha. You have been tagged by Abu Daoud at Islam and Christianity.

Ya rab, ashkuruka min ajli xaadimatika Aysha. Atlub minak al hikma wal rahma wal na3ma laha wa fiha wa 3aleyha al'aan wa fil kul awaan. irshidha nahwa al haya al abadiyya hatta tumajjid ismaka. bi'ism al masiih, amiin.

PS: Am still wanting to send you Eliot's collected poems.

أبو سنان said...

I dont know, I wouldnt have liked the show whether it was geared towards men or women.

It is nothing more than a high class stip bar.

There are good things to see and do in Vegas, but you have to look. I havent been there since 1998 when I was on my way to the East Coast to go live in Europe for a few years.

Aysha said...


While writing this post, actually, while thinking it, I had a strong feeling that you will be commenting. The video clip of Sarah Brightman's "Free" which you explored a while ago did evoke a lot of thoughts whithin me.

I am not familiar with the European culture, so I am not at liberty to judge the following opinion in anyway: A Danish Professor used to say that USA and SA have a lot in common in terms of their view of sexuality. He says, eventhough the US seems "liberal" and Saudi seems "conservative" when it comes to the topic of gender, and particularly women, they are both countries that are manipulative of sex. IT is taboic, and no better example for that than listening in on t.v. without looking at the screen. Be it a commercial, movie, kid's programme, there are always these teasing sound effects that "hint" sex. Woman moaning in a vaccum commercial, a girl sighing with pleasure, etc. When there are sex scenes, there must be a long story to lead to it. Certain structure that brings the viewers to climax. As if "oh my goodness, that thing is going to happen!" He used that in comparison to how sex scenes, and nudity of both sexes in European t.v. is spontaneous and natural. Sex is not a tool in our t.v., it is an accident, ubrupt and natural. The only time when the rule is broken, is in movies with American influence.

Another European friend of mine commented on this post saying two things: 1- that a man's body is not as pretty as a woman's. That is why it would be so boring to see naked men on stage. 2- that toplessness in Europe is a sign of women's pride and liberation.

Well, liberation from what, and it is the 21st century already? Secondly, what makes us say that a woman's body is prettier? I think what you say explains it. Education? Media? Ancestors? Pop cultre? Laziness of producers to polish up the "male product" as much as they do the female one?

Aysha said...

Abu Daoud,

I just left a comment at your blog. You just gave my blog the firs tag ever :)
Wow, didn't know you could speak Arabic THAT well...

Aysha said...

أبو سنان,
I agree, in Las Vigas you have to look, and you have to be prepared to pay. That's for sure ;) My husband and I are gradually learning to be America-smart consumers. Free? You better think again, and read the coupon carefully. That is America for you ^_^

Abu Daoud said...

Marhaba ya Aysha,

SO happy you are impressed by my Arabic skills. Still can't type with Arab script worth peanuts though...

I was struck by your description of decorating the Christmas tree and I remembered a poem by TS Eliot, which I have posted over at my blog, and which I hope you will read.

The Cultivation of Christmas Tress

Devil Finch said...

So you live in Oregon; That's why your blos is so hip.

I lived in Eugene, Oregon for 6 years and would kill to go back, at least for a visit. Believe it or not I'm weraing my Oregon sweater at work today (Thanks god I work at an ad agency)

Anyhow, it was a pleasure discovering your blog.

Aysha said...

Abu Daoud,
Thank you for the poem. Its beautiful!

Devil Finch,
I can totally understand your obsession with Oregon. Friends who reside in Eugene tell me it is more liberal and outspoken city, maybe because of the university having a central role there.
Thanx for finding your way to my blog, and lets hope you make it to Oregon soon :)

Aafke said...

Ashya, you are quite right. There is nothing ''liberated'' about being topless in such a way. It is just the western manner of putting women second place by taking their clothes off instead of covering them. You see it in all sorts of surroundings, say a talkshow, while the men are ''fully'' dressed, the women wear not only uncomfortable bare clothes and mini-skirts but are often seated on low sofa's with the camera at knee level.
I keep thinking: ''Why don't they just wear a chique pair of slacks?''

Aysha said...

"It is just the western manner of putting women second place by taking their clothes off instead of covering them."

As I was reading you. It seems to me that there were two pronouns:
The Western = Men

The western men are putting women second place, where men sould be covering them.

I am almost certain that you didn't mean that. But the funny thing is that since the beginning of time women were the object, while things are being done to them. As LoA says, even when they started doing something, it wasn't with their own voice, but that of the man. That of his politics. His own conclusions.

With such a sad history, I wonder if there's any hope of true change.