Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Google: The Santa of Asia

My favorite thing to do is checking blogger stats/referrals. How many people passed by today? Where from? How did they get here? And how long did they stay?

There’s an interesting life beneath the surface, and that is the fascination of stats. Making belief you are a god. Silently eyeing people whom come in and out of your land, and secretly smiling upon the ones who form a pattern of being there.

My favorite is a “Santa Clara” person, who does not miss a day of typing my full name correctly in Google. Well, for a while it was “Ayesha”, and eventually the “e” got kicked out. How flattering! Despite all the shortcuts, that person chooses to type my name in full. Had it not been my name, I wouldn't have even bothered.

Then, comes the amusing search titles. People form India, Australia, Pakistan, and Philippines tend to have the longest search titles. Their Googling is too appropriate that it practically is a letter to Santa. “Dear Google, I want to see pretty women in the shower and preferably intelligent and naked.”

I am not making the “preferably” part up!

Often, when I read those search referrals. The weird ones, the funny ones, and the ones which are totally disgusting, I wonder:

Is life on Blogger any different from life on earth? We exist, communicate in a certain language, engage in major issues, scribble minor issues, chose certain colors, and keep certain people on our list and boom! One day we find ourselves stuck with people we extremely dislike, a crowd we barely have anything in common with, and the oddest of coincidences.

But is coincidence ever a coincidence? And are the people/crowds/life we gravitate ever disconnected from radiation that we have sent off in the first place?


amani said...

Hola señora Aeysha,¿Cómo estás?:)

I am glad that I found your blog..it's really nice..umm, I liked what I have read so far..don't know about the rest though :)~ haven't read through all of your blog just yet.

I specially liked the
part..where i left my first reply
in this blog.

Have a nice day/night now.

Rosa Parks
إمرأه هزمت قبحا

Aysha said...

And I'm glad you found me too. I love Spanish by the way, and hope to experience it more than a class taught at school-but rather a life lived in a City!
Thanx for visiting "bubble", glad you like what you see so far ;)