Monday, November 26, 2007

Allergy Pills

Any person who knows how allergy turns bodily alarms, sirens, fires, to a state of emergency, muting anything else. Any person who knows that, and who tried visiting an immunologist must know that often there's no permanent cure. There are pills that help relief the symptoms.

Yet, there seems to be another kind of people who know about allergies- besides the sufferers and the doctors. People who sell allergy pills in the United States. People who know how desperate sufferers of allergy can be so they play the scarcity game. What else would explain how many frequently needed allergy medications sell limited pills in the single box, and for a very high price?!


Trevelyana said...

drug companies are the devil.
did you know they buy doctors elaborate lunches and hand out crazy amounts of free stuff to get them to prescribe their product?

Aysha said...

OMG Trev!
How troubling... :(