Saturday, October 6, 2007

Religions Cultures & Narcissism

A classmate told me that she was not baptized. “Because of that little drop,” she says, “I am reminded daily by my friends that if I die today, I will go to hell.”

1.8 person dies per second in a world populated by 6,602,224,175.
So, if 4.2 persons are born per second, how many would still be living?

Yet interestingly, manly cultures and religions pleasure from pointing in the direction of those who die when giving their lessons. As if fear and uncertainty are the most readily tools they can use, while assurance and psychological wellbeing is too much of a hassle.

Interestingly also that those cultures and religions would claim to have the public’s wellbeing at its best interest, while basing their teachings on fearing mostly for one’s self.

This selfishness becomes evident in multicultural atmosphere, where groups begin to compete in practicing their own version of right, thinking that “as long as I am a good human, I am saved.” which is a polite sentence for, “To hell with them losers!”

You’d think inviting others to the right path would be the most unselfish deed. Yet even then, it sadly seems that cultures and religions reach the peak of their narcissism.

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