Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reasons to Begin Writing?

NaNoWriMo is here.
Are you in or out?


velvet said...

Yes, i'm in. I've have always wanted to become professional at writing. maybe it's already late to notice this event. but it is definitely good idea to try it some time

Aysha said...

So, velvet, how are you holding up? I just had to give up by the first week, yet it was help enough in many of my writing classes...

Anonymous said...

hello aysha , how are you ?
well , i'm a member of blog world but i won't sign in and i'll sign as a stranger ,that's to enable you delete my comment after you read it ..

well , i came here following a link found at a person profile , she is named : Raccoon , who is a member at arabic forum named : jsad.

if you are the same person , so i'm glad , i'm lucky maybe..

i'm a writet , fantasy genre to be specific , having series of two complete parts and one going one , and i'm preparing for my literature league..

the aim of this group is simple , a project , like nanowrimo , but in arabic , it's good i think especially i found some who already know what nano is ..

so i tried to participate at this forum , jsad , but failed , so i have to ask you to put the articles of the first edition of this group at the forum there so everyone can read and learn and take the good use of them ..

this is my e-mail :

at last if you were not this person , and i'm wrong again , sorry for this , and you can erase the comment now


el-saher >>

Aysha said...

Yes, I am her. Glad and intrigued to find an Arab writer in the fantacy genre (or is it in Arabic?)
I've added you via MSN to understand the project more...
Thanx for finding me.