Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Orhan Pamuk on Stage Tonight

In two hours, my favorite writer is not only going to be in my city. Me the Saudi, him the Turkish, in the very same/little/hard headed/liberal/green/rainy/moody Portland, he is actually going to be on a stage and I am going to be an audience. Together. In one wholly room.

Since his "My Name is Red" I have been respectful of his work, but up to this day I have never been in a situation where I could share the same room with an International Author -well, except for Ahmad Abu Dahman who I had no idea I was going to meet before I did!- this excitement is overwhelming and I am very afraid. Afraid of being disappointed. Of leaving the auditorium with irrelevant concerns like: the 20 bucks spent, the smell of the room, the bus being later than it already is, the hours I missed on being away from sweet hubby and baby.

In an attempt to better prepare myself for what might happen, I am thinking:
If people where ever fabulous in there ownself, would art ever have happened? What, then, is so fabulous about seeing the artist apart/away from their work? What is so wow about seeing a human displayed on stage? Is it not revealing of our fascination with the lions at the circus -tamed and sociable- rather than their being in the wild where they belong?
Will I be sitting at the back? Small, too small, that people seem ferocious and selfish?
Will the questions be plenty that they step on each other's tail, outdated that they would stain the evening black like overnight pile of news?
Ah, is something ever going to be said that has not been said before?


Anonymous said...

So, what happened?
Did you enjoy your favorite writer?
He came to london about a month ago which made me as excited as you, then.. well, let me hear what you have to say before:)

insomniac said...

...before you trash the guy? :)

Seriously, whenever I have some kind of build up before meeting a person, whether it's someone I look up to, or even a girl that I think I'm gaga for, ----> letdown.

That's way I try to downplay such situations as much as possible. I mean you lower your expectations you never get hurt right?

Aysha said...

I know, I know, I'm late! But I do have an article related to that night that I want to share but have to wait until its published...

anonymous, can't wait to hear what you have to say (about the night of course- well, and about the article too) ^_^