Sunday, September 23, 2007

Questioning the Primitive Human

On “Sopranos” today, Tony's shrink calls Christmas “Stress-mass”. Momentarily all the celebrations that I know looked up with frozen faces. It amazed me how our (no-choice) is celebrated in most of them if not all. Even our engagement and marriage dates, they do not pin point the dates on which our hearts skipped beats, but merely the time frame inwhich we announced what already happened.

Have we chosen the date on which we were born to this life, or that of a prophet or a saint? Did we choose the times this person discovered this place or that, and did we have any first hand experience of it other than the narrations of politically derived historians? Could life have been any better or worse if the past had taken other turns?

Dates, Celebrations, Big Fights, Small Fights, Causes, No-Causes, how do they relate to us? If we were born to the wilderness, pure and primitive, with no books, preachers, or schools, without these virtualized narrations, if we were there by ourselves, what would have mattered to us?

What would have made us stamp our feet, and send our voices across the face of the earth?


Abu Daoud said...

Hmm, good question. I think the equinox and solstice, because they are based on the natural rhythms of the earth and heavens.

Equinox, when the night and day have the same length. Solstices because they are (I think) the longest day and the longest night of the year.

The new moon would also have been a big deal, something you see both mentioned in the Hebrew Calendar of the Torah, as well as, of course, the Islamic Calendar.

Aysha said...

That makes sense abu daoud. Just reading about these things feel joyous ^_^