Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Grad School Journal

Half way through the creative writing program, and still it feels as joyous as a beginning. Every quarter is so special and different that it seems like a start of its own. Why did I have to work all the way up to grad school before doing things that I absolutely love?

This quarter, the three courses I am taking are all about writing. I am required to hand in a journal, fresh fictional piece, or new pages of a script every single class. Writing creative pieces in English has been something I dreaded for an entire year, and now must face. A week has passed, and I am already LOVING it!

Its about time...

My beast is heading back to the old cave. Sounds, voices, and images are once again traveling slower to my head and sinking deeper. The drip of water registeres as many expanding and endless circles of thoughts.

In celebration of this step-up I have started a School Journal , a free style blog for my ongoing school writing and sharable fiction.

Please drop by when you want to listen in on my classes, or to add thoughts and writings of your own.


insomniac said...

"Why did I have to work all the way up to grad school before doing things that I absolutely love?"

A quick question: Is it more difficult to have successful art programs (as opposed to science and engineering programs)in countries like Saudi Arabia?

I did my undergrad in computer science back in Saudi Arabia, my masters in England, and I'm doing a PhD here in the states. My sister on the other hand did her undergrad work in English literature also in Saudi Arabia, and her graduate work here in the states.

I didn't find substantial differences between computer science programs here and back home, (school overall here is definitely better. My sister though seems to think that her English literature program back in KSA was extremely conservative, and overall lacked creativity.

Aysha said...


The problem with arts is that it interweaves with culture, religion, politics, history, anthropology, etc. And in conservative societies where there's a strict social code, any standing knit colors would create controversy and upset. Of course Saudi people themselves are made up of many influences and backgrounds, and that becomes apparent in the individualized/creative piece of art they produce. Art that outsiders produced is yet another problem which becomes apparent in universities that teach English Literature for example. Many professors would shy away from going into controversial details about a literary piece such as suggestions of homosexuality, political views, or even alcohol! In some instances, where prfs cross the line, it happens that students would go to higher authorities and raised a complaint. There are cases of prfs who don't care, but they are limited. Who would want the head ache. I assuem that what they're thinking is, "It is not our job to mouth feed, let them figure it out on their own."

But whats the point of figuring out things that one cannot discuss in class and get feedback on?