Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Guiltless America

To me, a trip from the light to the dark takes time. I cannot open the door to a dimly lighted store without slowing down or even stopping to get a glimpse of the place I’ve just entered. In Saudi, people are usually slow, very slow, in and out, and even across.

Yet people in America seem to be overly confident about where they’re going. Seeing them run through different situations with just the same “high-speed” makes me believe that they have been there before. The situation is not new, and carries no surprises. The track is as clear and double-checked as a GPS map.

They are confident even when in their eyes there’s a flicker of doubt.

Today, an American lady pushed through the doors of Starbucks and headed straight for the barista. She didn’t notice me of course, as I was on the side daydreaming about my coffee to be.

“Tall, Sugar free, fat free, decaf late please.” She announced, with her "I am great thank you," and debit card ready.

As she exited the doors with her guiltless coffee, I felt it no longer mattered what I ordered. The cups were piled in equal sizes, the syrup bottles ready to be squeezed just the same, and the heat measurer set to reach the usual number. The barista looked increasingly bored.

“I am sorry, one of those indecisive days!” I said, heading for the doors, condemning an unnecessary apology.


Um Naief said...

i think americans are bred to be this way... we learn early in life, especially when you're a woman.

Aysha said...

All those anti-globalization folks won't like like my wording on this but..sometimes I wish someone would milk shake 'em Saudi and American women..

a decisive saudi woman hmm i don't know maybe i am maybe not said...

and what is the moral lesson from this story ???

is it the indecisiveness of the saudi women or the guitless American women.i am not sure what is it that u want to accomplish with this post.
human beings are creatures of habit and the American woman with her late is a clear example ,and when a thing becomes a habit it doesn't require any thinking or decision making.if confidence is measured by how well you know your order like this American with her late i think i am a confident Saudi woman who knows her order of (جريش) from (غوزي).
the problem is when the confidence is in the wrong place in the wrong person.

Aysha said...

Decisive Saudi,
The intention of this blog is to question, encourage the thought, rather than reach readily made set of values. I am glad you went beyond "what is the moral" to your very own take on the matter.
When we rewind situations, and share them with other, it is amazing how many important details would surface other than the personal experience, and the momentary feeling that it brought.

Beth said...

Confidence is not strictly a function of nationality. Yesterday I was in Wendy's and I was planning to get a small combo meal but when I told the cashier I wanted a grilled chicken combo she asked me, "Medium or Large?" and it made me just unsure enough about whether it was okay to order a small that I said Medium. Perhaps I should have said "small grilled chicken combo with diet Coke" just like that nonfat late lady, and not given the cashier a chance to question me.