Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Energy Drinks & Climax

Energy drinks, do they respond to human’s obsession with climax, or do they nurture it? Are they the result of a generation, or the steering wheel for a new one?

In three gatherings this past month, I was amused to discover a social obsession with energy drinks: Rock Star, Red Bull, Bison, Power Horse, etc. The first time, I tried sniffing, but the smell killed me. The second time, I dipped my tongue in a can, only to be reminded of my childhood disgust with antibiotics.

“I did not like the taste at first, but now I love it!” That is what almost everybody tells me.
Why do you try again, I ask.
“Because it is high in caffeine and sugar, it boosts my energy level instantly.”
What about good, rich, tantalizing, aromatic, ah!, coffee?
“That stuff is slow. Very slow. And not enough.”
Enough for what? I wonder, as I look around and onto the laid back energy drinkers, hanging around and laughing with each other.

Wiki says that “These drinks are typically marketed to young people, and people 'on the go.' Approximately 65% percent of energy drink users are under the age of 35 years old, with males representing approximately 65% of the market.”

If correct, one must wonder:
Whatever happened to the glories of youth? And if males are the highest consumers of energy drinks, can that in anyway reveal a connection between energy drinks and the "social" perception of sexual climax?


Um Naief said...

i'm not sure that i follow u here. i've never thought about it having anything to do w/ sex.

Aysha said...

um naief,
Energy drinks are all about reaching the climax of a person's energy, and doing it fast.
While climax seems to be the pattern in human's behavior, climactic stories, movies, films, shows, life accomplishments, golden age, all those previous climaxes are structural. They are restrained by set of rules, and time. There's a derived pleasure from the little steps and details that take to the highest.
Yet, when considering sexual climax, there's quite a different story, and an obvious gender difference in regards to defining & valuing fast speeding, even more so in relation to this particular age group and the 65% majority of it!

أبو سنان said...

I dont know about any relation to sex. I know in the UK they are often mixed with hard alcohol at pubs and clubs.

I think most of these are a sham anyway. Try eating right and being physically fit then you wont be tried all of the time.

Think back to your experience, compare how many of the people drinking these were out of shape, overweight, or looked like they dont regularly exercise.

For me these are more about an American obsession with trying to get everything the easy way, with a minimal amount of work.

If you are slim, eat well and exercise you wont need these drinks and you'll have energy throughout the day without them.

Um Naief said...

they've become an obsession in america because you see all the celebrities drinking them while hiding the real fact that alcohol is inside of them. most ppl mix this stuff w/ vodka and such.

i also agree that i don't think it has anything to do w/ sex or the orgasm and such... but what a good, clinical description of such... sounds like you could write a thesis on such! :)

Aysha said...

"For me these are more about an American obsession with trying to get everything the easy way, with a minimal amount of work."

Abu Sinan, I agree. Sometimes I see it this way: many countries have traditions and culture that exist in the past. The US has a tradition that occurs "on the go". It is called invention, tech, and finding new ways to doing things. How do Americans celebrate their tradition and culture? By practicing the new ways! By trying them out with no reserve...

Aysha said...

um naief,
What you and abu sinan say about power drinks being mixed with alcohol is new information to me! It can be a promotor in why they gained such popularity and class ^_^

Anonymous said...

a) I absolutely adore our blog. We need more saudi girls in the blogosphere!

b) Energy drinks are marketed in Arab coutnries as an alternative to alcohol. Something that will help you get buzzed but is not haram. And I think that's the main reason for it's astounding popularity here in comparison to the US. After all, alcohol doesnt taste that great either, but most people learn to love it, no?

Anonymous said...

i am a bison maniac and i don't drink it to reach any climaxes , i drink it as a less acidic , sweeter, and colder substitute for coffee especially during exam days it has also vitamins as B6 and B12