Sunday, June 3, 2007

Would you Help a Veteran of Iraq?

Quoted from Craig’s List, Portland.
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"I am a 23 year old veteran of Operation Iraq and Enuring Freedom. I went into basic at the age of only 19. My girlfriend of three years and I married... but would divorce soon after I returned home from Iraq. During my time in the desert I was subjected to rather horrific and tormenting events... the army's only account for giving me a chapter 13. A psychatric discgharge that doesn't exist and that the army is supposed to prohibit during the process of enlisment. I want to hire somebody who can write this into either a book or a script. There are thousands of us who have ended up this way. Men and women comming home to their spouses with grim faces and troubling news. Soldiers being taken advantage of by their husbands and wives. Help me tell this story... let me expose what's really going on here. The people want to hear it. They want to hear the truth about what's happening out there and what's happening to the soldiers that come home... and the soldiers who aren't lucky enough to come home."
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Just how many are out there, tormented with their untold stories?
Update July 13, A new ad on Craig's List:

"I am a soldier who's just returned a little over a year ago from the war in iraq. I am currently writing a novel based on my experiences in the army and the harsh aftermaths that continue to follow. I am looking for several things... a publisher who can get this book on the shelves of stores all across the country and possibly the world, a movie director/script writer who has the capability to get this story onto the big screen... in theaters everywhere. I'm doing this because this story needs to be told. My experiences and harships parallel thousands of other soldiers who have been forgotten due to the constant mindless babling of the media.
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Saudi Stepford Wife-Daisy said...

I haven't been able to turn on the news since before Memorial day to avoid seeing the young faces of dead/wounded soldiers and hear the testimonials of the horrors in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wouldn't be able to take the burden of these tormented souls onto myself. It's a topic not allowed to be discussed in my house either due to my sensitivities to the subject. I'd snap. Nonetheless, it needs to be told. Hopefully, there's someone strong enough out there to do the job because I know it could never be me.

Aysha said...

I totally agree with you Daisy...
Wisely said!

Praetor said...

I would rather help the women and children he helped suffer.

Aysha said...

There are many ways to doing, and saying the same thing, don't you think Praetor?
What this veteran wants is for someone to help him write the stories as they happened. Thus, bringing awareness to probable soldiers of the reality of the war, of first hand experience.
by doing this, you are preventing more soldiers of going out there and hurting women and children. You are also increasing the pressure against the whole war idea by making your cause a public cause.

Aysha said...

However, as there are two necessary steps in time of crisis, none more or less crucial that the other:
1- Repairing the damage that already happened.
2- Preventing further damage from happening.

Gardenia said...

Oh ! dear, God help us
both nations are in a big trouble! both loose too much, but no one can stop that disaster !!
Only goverments get benefits, without any care about their arms !!

Do you think Aysha we can help them as an Arabic people ?
I think the only thing they need is to complain, to stop fighting

and from our side, we are going to pray to Allah to destroy Bush !

God be with us, be with them

Aysha said...

Reading your desperation and anger, Daisy's comment immediatly echoed in my mind. Politics! The word that has earned a status as a synonym for war.
That sleek, cold, and eerie death which we have not chosen (as females at least!), nor have we agreed on, but somehow end up in the midst of, promoting, becoming the mouth pieces, and the dramatic effect.
The more media sources are out there, the more we are made to believe we own a truth. That we have exposure to further knowledge. Knowledge that grants us right to be fierce, and demanding.
But come to think of it, has that made the world safer? Or has it tricked us into leaving the seat of innocence, immersing our hands in the "plot"?