Monday, June 4, 2007

Saudi Guys in Rose Festival?

After filling out a Saudi Students Survey, hosted by IRmep, and intended for assessing the students' "various experiences within various official, academic and social environments in the US."

I could not help but meditate further on the "social" aspect. The little social shocks that accumilate to what may later be called a person's familiarity with another culture.

At the Water Front Village event this weekend, which is part of the Portland Rose Festival, those were three major stops for me!




Saudi Guys with wildly long hair lined up for Henna Tattoo in an orderly manner, debating whether to have roses or cartoonic drawings!

* photo blocked for reasons of privacy, and mutawas


Hning said...

Do make any exceptions to those long-haired-ORDERLY!!-Saudi pics?

Pretty please?
With chocolate and cheese?

*Hning is really ridiculous when she's begging. Really. So either you slap her to shut up, or...please?*


Aysha said...

Oh hning,
What you're doing is good for my immune system. Remember, I have a 16 months old baby, and soon enough he'll be giving me that pouty-on the verge of crying-plea! ^_^

If only I stayed around longer to capture a share-able pic of their chosen tattoo...

Yet,them being human enough to do Henna earns them my respect and right to privacy!

Insomniac said...

"* photo blocked for reasons of privacy, and mutawas"

You can also add whoever filters the Internet here in Saudi Arabia to that list, since the photos hosted at are blocked!

I'm only a couple of days back here and I already miss my comcast Internet connection!

Aysha said...

Aghhh, don't remind me!!