Friday, June 1, 2007

How Dare You CNN!

Since morning, CNN's been showing the story of "TB patient Andrew Speaker", and how he presented a public hazard by traveling with a contagious disease. A video of his apology kept running, broken several times to interview reporters and their take on the story.
The story did not particularly interest me until a reporter came on saying, "How dare you Andrew Speaker, how dare you!"

Open mouthed I stared at her as she continued to lash him in the most scornful manner. It surprised me how that tone differed not from the one CNN used to speak of Paris Hilton, mothering and fathering her with absolute pleasure.

But for ethic’s sake, to use the same tone with a TB patient?! This man is SICK! And with a disease that is not easy to live with. Is there no difference anymore between professional reporting, and that of celebrity gossip magazines?

If Andrew Speaker broke the law, then maybe he should be dealt with through the right channels, delivering the stakes of the incident to the public and updated information received. Serious consideration needs to be taken as to why the system is so vulnerable that a TB patient was able to get through and travel.

But to judge, and hurt, and scorn the ill?
CNN, how dare you?!
June 10 summary:
So, yeah. It turns out that Andrew was not contagious after all. Or maybe, mildly contagious. The table is turned around, as some begin to question why such an organized attack started against him in the first place. And, if he should press any charges...

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