Sunday, May 13, 2007

On Mother's Day

Dear mama,
Though I cannot share this Mother's day with you, I would love to tell the world how much you have done in 29 years of motherhood:

- Caring for 7 children.
- Bearing the death of one, on his 3rd year of life.
- Earning your Master's Degree in the States, a wife for the first time, and a mother of 2.
- Whether exam time, project time, or any "your" time, your kids came first, even for a little thing as bath songs, little duckling talk, or baking cookies!
- Holding wonderful 25 years, quarter of a century, of teaching at the College of European Languages and Translation in King Saud University. A couple at King Abdul-Aziz University and at Prince Sultan University as well.
- Plenty of certificates in: Children's Literature, Arts and Crafts, Photography, etc.
- Seminars and courses all over Saudi, teaching what you learn. Because you can never be so selfish as to keep knowledge to yourself.

And now, as you had your youngest of children rise safely to the land of Highschool, and as you became a grandmother of 4:

- Published a Series of 20 children stories

- A cook book "
A Cup of Tea"
- A book of
photography for beginners. (need I talk about how the publisher keeps running out of copies?)
- Held several photography exibits.
- Translated a book on patience and faith.
- Taken part in a couple of influential comittees which are responsible for Children's Literature.

You are the purest spirit that I have ever known in my life, always placing the interest of whom you love before your own. Despite it all, you were not delayed, risen, accomplished and most importantly: done so in peace.

On Mother's Day, there's so much that I wish to tell you, but it all comes down to this:

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Love you sweet one...

Reading what you have written gives makes me wonder... could this be me??
living your days, day by day, with a goal in mind makes you fell happy for the accomplishments and takes away the pain.
Reading the words written by MY Daughter make me proud...
and I find myself smiling to the screen... life is amazing... parents enjoy bragging about their children's accomplishments... so it seems that when children grow older they find a way of expressing the same...
I have enjoyed every minute with you...

أبو سنان said...


I dont know the Universities in Saudi that well. Are those you mentioned in Jeddah?

My sister in law has taught at one of the schools in Jeddah for the past 5+ years in the languages area. They might know each other.

أبو سنان said...

Nevermind, I see both are in Riyadh.

Aysha said...

Eyad today pulled a lollipop out of my handbag and started sucking on it ^_^
How did he figure it out? Tear the cover off? Hold the stick right side up? I have no clue!
Through him, I am reminiscing on all the little "mama" things that fascinated me as a child. How your bag was the mysterious land, where everything is temptingly dangerous.
I hug Eyad and feel two things at once. How you must have felt hugging me, and how I must have felt surrendering to a prolonged moment of security (despite how impossible to keep a child still at such age!!)

Your comment here will become my Makkah!

Aysha said...

Abu Sinan,
You are right. King Abdul Aziz University IS in Jeddah. However, my mom taught there some 20 years ago. So, they might have not come accross each other. However, you know Hijazi people! Because of their healthy cross-familial marriages, it seems that everybody knows everybody else.
Your marriage story says it all.

Trevelyana said...

oh my god you're killing me here.. I miss my mom :(
Hope your kids grow to appreciate you as much as you appreciate your mother, she's a luck woman :) rabby yi5aleeha lik.

Prometheus said...

Aysha, ‎
I am highly moved by what you wrote about your great Mama. I also feel proud of her ‎just as much as I am proud of my mother. In our society there are many brilliant ‎examples of women who have made exceptional and wonderful achievements and ‎who deserve to be honored and to receive highest credit for their rare struggle and ‎great sacrifices. ‎
Your mother is exemplary in reminding all other women in our country that nothing is ‎impossible and that women, through determination and courage, can transcend all ‎obstacles and shortcomings which have beset the course of Saudi women.‎

Anonymous said...

Those are going to be some tough shoes to fill, goodluck!

Gardenia said...

I was sure before all of this, that there is a great family behind you
What an amazing mother! :)
You should be very proud of her
Hope to her more & more success,
She is a really woman

Lawrence of Arabia said...

incredibly sweet and touching. i hope you had a wonderful mother's day as well.

best wishes,

Lawrence of Arabia said...

and then mom's reply! ok, i am tearing up...i have to go find a tissue.


Aysha said...

But isn't the feeling of "missing" a heart warming one?
You have referred to your mom a couple of times in your writing, and it strongly reflected the wonderful relationship you have with one another.
Bare the distance, for you shall make her proud...

I totally relate to where you are coming from. Like, in a mysterious way..I read my own thoughts in your comments. I am so grateful for the world of blogging =)

You bet! I wouldn't even begin to think it.

Aysha said...

She truly is! And I would have to think the same way about you. Without a doubt, a great family stands at your support.

How can I top that?...