Saturday, May 26, 2007

Devil Rush

Dear readers,

Please excuse my absence for the two coming weeks. The quarter is about to end, and projects are due. If I do not run away, Satan will catch up with me, with the blog on the top of his temptation list!

Speaking of Satan: it is Memorial Day weekend here in the States. Somebody is still making sure that the event is celebrated with hurt, and soar hearts. Somebody is insuring that more families loose their loved ones at war. Somebody is making sure that the gas prices are too high so that many hard working families cannot get together this weekend. And somebody is making sure that shops and markets have a sale weekend, entertaniment plans, so on Memorial Weekend highly debted people feed on each other's bones. So, America, on the day of your memory there is this: "May that somebody, be no more."


Lawrence of Arabia said...

...and they all said amen. beautifully written.


p.s. best wishes with the end of your semester. summer session getting ready to kick in here.

Hans said...

Aysha, be successful with your projects, and return to us in good mood, because of success, and with your wit and challenging questions.

I strongly believe that life without somebody would be dull and languishing.

Insomniac said...

Although the odds are stacked against you - being a woman from my home country, you'll end up making a difference back there. You just don't know it yet.

Good luck with everything.

Gardenia said...

May Allah help you Aysha
do your best, I hope that you are gonna make a change in the world

Take care

Aysha said...

Devil is so strong folks! ^_^
But hey, what the hell?

Thanx a lot. Are you studying?

I can only agree with you. Life without somebody is dull, and is only made spicier by those who dispise him ^_^
May success be your path always.

Your language caught me. So wonderful and fast to boost the self esteem.
Thanks a ton!

Sometimes when things are so out of order around us, it truly feels like: I don't want to make a difference, I just don't want to make things worse...
Wish you the best!

Lawrence of Arabia said...

much worse ;)

i am a prof.

best wishes,

Aysha said...

If I were to use that Arabic analogy:
Ha! That is why everytime I enter your website I have this calling need to "take off my sandals!"

Well, I was sort of hoping that you wouldn't turn out to be so scary after all ^_^

You know the Saudi style when it comes to professors! It takes me so much effort still, to call teachers in the US by name...

Lawrence of Arabia said...


sadly, i do not command that kind of respect from my students. :)

i am sure some of them have called me names though.

hope you are enjoying your summer,
best wishes,