Monday, May 7, 2007

Criminal at Home

This is an interview with Ahmed Fouad Negm that struck me as true and bold. Aired on New TV Channel, a couple of months back. Below is an interpretation:

Host: The Egyptian Artist, her name is Rubi.

Ahmed: She is who…whom in regard… a problem has happened on Al-hurra channel, when the man was telling me…and I said that she is no art at all…
She (Rubi) stands and gives you her ass and sings. Shadia or Laila Murad, when they sing, their faces would all be bright and radiant. This one is like she is riding a bicycle and giving the audience her ass while singing. Does she sing from her ass or what?
Look at the insult. Look at how much we insult women.

Host: We insult her!?

Ahmed: What else? We treat a woman if she were asses or boobs or the like! Does it make sense?

Host: Whose fault is it?

Ahmed: It is OUR fault, all of us. She is a little girl, a child, does not know better, and you are going to bring her money, and things like that. Or is she a criminal?! Did she bring “an-naksa” –
The Setback- on us? It is our mistake. We are a retarded society. And we deserve what we are in. We deserve our governments.

Our societies are being run on gunmen and defense systems that fire directly at the symptom not the cause. It is much easier to go on blaming a singer, for her actions, than to go searching for the ones who hired her. It is much easier to fire Imus than to search for the job specification under which he was employed. It is much too simple to fire at the “other” than it is to investigate further and find out that the real criminal, the real cause, might be at home. That he might be us!


Gardenia said...

most of times us !
If she found celebrity and riches in something else, she wouldn't sing like that!
she was just a simple girl before Yosef Shahin discovered her beauty, so It Yosef's fault too, or maybe our's again, we watch his rake products and give him our money to get enjoyment, then oppose on TV as no one knows what we were watching last night!
we support that bawdiness, if we really despise those actors and singers, and respect the respected one only, we wouldn't see much more Ruby or Hayfa'a

your blog is really rich, I'm going to visit it regularly.

Aysha said...

Wonderful feedback! Thank you for passing by, and I look forward to your visits.

أبو سنان said...

Good post. I like New TV, it is a bit different than most Arabic media.

The entertainment establishment, whether it is in Hollywood or Cairo gives people what they want.

For whatever reason they seem to think that the Arab masses want women who have little or no talent, but are willing to show themselves. Why? Because this is what sells!

People like Nancy Ajram, Rubi and the like have no talent, they cannot really sing. We all know this, yet they sell a lot of music. This is because looks have replaced talent.

Fairouz wasnt the best looking lady, she didnt show her body, and she wasnt "pushing the envelope" as it were, but she had TALENT. When Fairouz was popular it was at a time when talent, skill and drive meant something.

If Fairouz hit the Arabic music scene today I think she would have a very hard time making it.

For me the really good Arabic singers of today are hardly known. People lik Natcha Atlas, Omayma and the like.

They are eclipsed by second rate singers like Haifa Wehbe, who best known video is the one of her half naked in the hot tub. If any of these women did not look so "sexy" they never would have made it because their singing skills are just not there.

It is the same here in the USA where looks trump everything. Someone like Britney Spears never should have gotten a recording contract, let alone hit records.

But as long as the public will pay money for this rubbish the entertainment powers in Beirut, Cairo and Hollywood will give it to them.

Trevelyana said...

The overt tasteless sexuality badnwagon has passed by "urubba wal duwal al-motaqadimma" (God I love that phrase) around.. oh, say the 70s with Generation X. It's only just reaching us, and considering the wagon has yet to leave the western world, it looks like we're in for a long ride.

Do I think it's bad? I don't know.. I think it beats repressed sexuality. If watching a woman swing her ass on TV will make those crazy stalkers in Riyadh streets less rabid.. well better her than me.

Now that being said, I blame the "burtuqala" guy.. I swear it all started with him and that appalling song.

أبو سنان said...

It isnt the overt sexuality that gets me. Everyone has a right to express themselves, even if they think to do so they must wear next to nothing.

What bugs me is that people confuse having a nice shape and plastic surgery looks with the ability to sing.

If they want to shake their butt let them do it walking down the street or even in a fashion strip walk.

99 times out 100 those singers who have to rely on their looks to help them make it do not have a voice worth listening to in the first place.

Lets seperate the sexy wearing nothing heart throb from the singers. What singers like Haifa and Ruby do is use their looks and willingness to exploit their looks to compensate for a second rate, at best, voice.

Aysha said...

Abu Sinan, and Trev,
Wonderful exchange of thoughts. I find a piece of me nodding to different parts in your comments.

Exaggerating on Trev's comment, just to clarify my own, I do not think "porn" has ever saved the world from stalkers, nor do I believe that there was ever a "porn-free" world. There was an interesting program on CNN sometime earlier this week, and it was aboult how stalking is a problem that is unsolvable most of the time. Enjailment, court orders, and the like, only help the stalker focus more on their victims, and make them "his lifetime goal!" The common case in which a stalker stops bothering a victim, is by progressing onto a new one. A new, flesh and blood, human. I assume this is not exactly what you had in mind, but my point is...human nature will remain the same...under different titles, countries, and laws... Rubi, will not treat it, nor will she make it worse.

Before I left for Saudi, there was a new singer coming on, under the name "DANA". She carried the title, "the first Seduction Singer in Arabia" Blah! I was glad that people were beginning to carry their right titles. Such correct categorization would allow people to fall in the right order: writers, hookers, seducers, etc. So when you are looking for something, you can rest assured that the channel number corresponds with what you're after.

A great problem we have in Saudi Arabia, for example, is the lack of categories. Many people will think of themselves all their lives as writers. Whereas their attitude and skills tells that they are more of entertainers, actors, or models! Have they had the chance to work within the right category, they would have achieved so much, and saved other forms of art from confusion.

And in any case, I do hope that we can have a gun-free world. Maybe then, people will blame others less, and worry not about admitting their own doings...

Oh, yeah ^_^ That is why people like me never lead. They write!