Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dying is Easy...

Dying is easy, because it is a self sufficient attempt. What is most difficult is living, because it involves eggs, sperms, an agreement involving two or more, a midwife, a caregiver, then complicated circles of already existing lives.

There are many things that can go wrong when a human is born, and then as she tries to live. But truly, not much can go wrong if a human attempts to die.

Interestingly though, as humans we are geared towards making life easy. As if our “cruise” program is set on death, and so we trot in that direction - some faster than others. We are geared, nonetheless, towards making other peoples’ lives harder. Meaning, while we attempt to simplify our life – rival and excel in a job to secure a high income, dominate a belief system so it is easier not to hear anything else, go to war because it is easier to identify people as friends or foes, etc – while doing that, we are making other peoples’ lives much more difficult. Creating complexities that would lead other people, as a result, to trot along in the direction of an easy death!

Yet, trotting in the direction of death is something, and attempting death is something else. Religions and moral systems are very much aware of that distinction. That is why they contribute a dual message: “All humans will die eventually and must accept that fate, but they should not attempt to kill themselves because they are not in the saddle to make that choice.”

What those religions and moral systems say as well is this, “under certain circumstances it is acceptable for a human to kill another.” Which means, people cannot kill themselves because they are ignorant do decide their own fate, but they can kill others because they are knowledgeable enough to protect the higher law; sacrificing the herd and the mortal for the sake of the higher and the immortal.

So, you see: L
ife is complicated!

And while choosing to live, the challenge is this:

How can we live without presenting a threat to the lives of others, nor become the sacrifice for theirs?


Hning said...

I so solemnly agree with you.
Through all of my suicidal thoughts, self-destructive tendencies, blasphemous inclinations and annoying longing for the gone, staying alive seems like a farfetched decision to take.

But isn't it what makes living so interesting?

It's been a pleasure to read your blog.

From your fellow Pramoedya Ananta Toer fan,

Aysha said...

Very few people are as honet with themselves as you are, and I respect you for it.
History has it, that countries which spoke matter-of-a-factly about their faults and short comings were able to rise and rule. But those which saught self deceit, eventually descended from their state of glory.

I'm glad to see another fan of his. HE is so earthly and humanly! May he rest in peace...