Saturday, March 24, 2007

What is Logical?

When I need to clear up my mind, I take a shower!

It smoothes down the frizzy thoughts, and breaks down the "class system." No longer do the ideas present themselves in order of priority "important, less important," but rather, they come through the stream of thought in whatever order they like. Sometimes a seemingly unimportant idea takes the lead, and the rest follows.

Today, I thought about "logic." What is considered logical, and what is not?

My father used to argue that the "virtual" reality is creating a generation that is very surreal and illogical. And so, much discipline is necessary to open the young up to what is real and logical. But has that ever stopped an assumingly "illogical" person from being what they are.

Some friends of the family had a son who loved music. A day did not pass without him playing the guitar. His parents did not allow him to destroy his life and career by such an illogical passion. They insisted that since his grades are high, he must study medicine. And he did.

In the day of graduation, his family got together in a fancy restaurant. He sat down all smiles. And as his mom told us later, this is what he said. "This degree is for you, and I hope you are all happy. As for me, my friends and I have managed a little band, and we're going to take off when the wind is right."

I don't know what happened to him, or where he is in life. But I can very much relate to his situation. Sometimes, being diagnosed by others as an "illogical" person is not a cure. First, because they belong to a certain career, age group, generation status, and a set of beliefs that makes them subjective. In other words, they are not objectively examining you, they are becoming judgmental. To make it clearer, it is like having a doctor saying that you are sick because your eyes don't have the same color as his, or because your voice is harsher! Second, because if you were truly sick, not all sicknesses are curable. Some simply require that a person adjusts their life style in order to accommodate them.

When illogic is one's destiny, then it must be fulfilled at the end.

Many destinies go through detours, or turbulences, but they arrive to their primary goal. Some don't make it. And people who do not make it to their destiny often enough become murderers in the form of gods. They become the blocking wall that subconsciously attempt to turn other people's lives into an inescapable structure. And even though all of us need some structure at the end of the day, whether it is a house, or an apartment, or a small bedroom, in the morning, as we proceed to the next structure, we all need to breathe in a place that is open and free.

A friend has once told me that I was making an illogical choice in my career. She said that saying the truth is sometimes what friends are for. I realized that day, how out dated that statement is.

In the midst of all those destiny detours, turbulances, and murderers, the best a friend can be is make us stronger.

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