Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Seperate Species

"Men are easy, they just wanna see something naked!*"

In Saudi Arabia, I thought that the conflict between men and women arises from the miscommunication that their seperation causes. Seperate offices, seperate parites, seperate friends, seperate lexicon, seperate "fatwas**"!

Yet, being in America, I have come accross an interesting observation. Cross-gender involvement only brought the gender conflict to its climax. Sit in any fully-female conversation and listen to all the synonyms they use to explain how "weird" men are. Flip through T.V channels, sitcoms, reality shows, magazines, and see what the guys are saying. Search through websites and read about how "the girls don't know the first thing about penises," and how "the guys don't know the first thing about a girl's complex cycle." The multiplying number of harsh words. Pussies, bastards, bitches, etc. The media's awkward attempts to normalize their uses...

Has years of fighting for rights, and struggling to reach the end of the tunnel come down to this. Men and women are not suffering from their history. Their problem is not years of mistreatment and abuse. It is not communication. Not even generations of sexist literature, dominant culture, or biased religious interpretations.

And is the world, the whole entire world (some countries faster, others at a slower pace,) simply headed for this realization:
Men and women are seperate species, like cats and fish. Their problem is incompatibility in a world that insists that the norm equals: man + woman?

* A (male) stand up comedian who's name I cannot recall.
** a legal pronouncement in Islam made by a mufti, a scholar capable of issuing judgments on Sharia (Islamic law) - wikipedia

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