Sunday, March 11, 2007

A sip of water...

It took me an entire year to shift to US mode. "HOW WILL I DO IT." Not, "CAN I?"
By which I mean, North America is so rich with possiblities that achievement is merely a matter of determination and self will. A matter of what the "I" can do. While in SA, the possibilities are not always present, and if they were, at often times struggling with blanket folds is required.
What are blanket folds?
They are any external powers that eventually suck the energy out of you, and put you back to sleep. Sometimes they are conspicious and clear, you know who/what you are struggling with, at others they are invisible and obsecure, which is the worst of all.
In the dark, you are tied down with tension and worries. You really don't know what's coming at you, and are endlessly haunted by the fear of a personal catastrophe.
I am glad to be here. Happy for the open space in which I am allowed to reflect on matters that truly concern me, such as:existence, art, religions, societies, and genders; for the clarity which is brought on by speaking out loud, and sharing the thought with tolerance; for the truly gruesome things that are happening in the world and making me bald enough to choose not to follow the journey of others, but to begin my own.
Humans are no better than animals. Animals are not better than objects. We are all beings that are here to full fill their truth. But what is truth? Can it ever be frozen in time? Does it have an original draft that only needs be photocopied onto others.
It is much easier to answer than it is to question, but much too dangerous as well.
And I choose to present the least of danger to existence. That is why I am here. To begin my own questioning. My journey as a human "in the making."

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Keep it up!