Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Breakage of Glass

Breakage of glass!
What makes it so depressing?

While applying some make up today, I dropped the fondation bottle. The glass shattered at once over the entire bathroom. It happened in slow motion. The bottle slipping from my hand, the bottom corner hitting the sink, the tiny particals reflecting different shades of the yellow lights.

At first, I thought I felt sad because of the cleaning that I'll have to do; an unwelcomed delay. But then I realized that I had nothing scheduled for the day. I had leasurely time in which I decided to do some make up practice! The brand was of a moderate price, twenty dollars the most. So, the loss has not caused it either. And as I cleaned up the sink, the shelve, and the bathroom floor, cloudiness settled lower into my mood.

For a flicker of a moment I remembered my child's horrified looks two days ago. He had opened the dining set cupboard and broke a plate in half. I got angry with him, and had to vaccuum a large part of the dining area. His eyes fearful, his lips on the verge of crying, and his chest heaving at a rapid speed.

Had my first encounter with glass breakage been he moment when mercy broke in mama's eyes? Was it the event with th emost exaggerated sound effects? Screetching. Multiplying pieces. Pounding footsteps. Thundering voices. Severe lifting. Roaring of the vaccum as it wildly attacked the ground?

Had it been a childhood moment in which I felt the least safe; Eve falling off of heaven?

Or are glass breakage emotions related to something further? Something more timely, like hopes and dreams that shatter without a notice. Something recurring, like dreams and plans that might disappoint us once again?

Or..are they simply a finger pointing in the direction of our inner premitive instinct ? That which is inhabited by superstitions, cautions, signs, omens and jinxing.

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Anonymous said...

There has been recurring glass damage inmy house. Near my room actually. I do believe it is a sign. Of something. I just don't know what. But it also freaks me out.